Monday, November 3, 2008

Indian Creek Trail

I ran my ten miles on Saturday on a new-to-me trail in Overland Park--Indian Creek Trail. I parked at Roe Park and ran west and south through Indian Creek Recreation Center through Corporate Woods and toward Quivira Park. The path generally curves along and over Indian Creek and was mostly asphalt, with some concrete sections along bridges. Parts of the trail were industrial, along roads and strip malls, and parts of the trail were more natural, with trees and the gurgling creek. The section along I-435 was awful--boring to run along, loud with noise from traffic and cars, decorated with some graffiti containing four-letter words, and the tunnel under the Interstate was musty and dark. If I run along Indian Creek Trail again, I'll avoid the Interstate by parking at Indian Creek Recreation Center and running east, or by parking in Corporate Woods and running south. Look at me using cardinal directions with ease--I almost feel like a mid-westerner.

It was a beautiful day--cool enough but not too cold, leaves in vibrant fall colors, and a cool dense fog that was almost creepy the morning after Halloween. They have the funniest squirrels in Missouri. They look like their tails were dipped in bright orange paint--almost like they dressed up as punk rocker squirrels for Halloween and forgot to take off their costumes.