Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Reversible Cabled Brioche Stitch Scarf

I love this scarf! I knit my first scarf in this plush and pretty pattern from FireFlower Knits last June (green), and did another scarf in the pattern in November (purple).

Pattern: Cast on 26 stitches. Your first row is a foundation row that you knit only once: K1 (sl1, yo, K1) across until you K the last stitch. You should now have 38 stitches on your needle. For rows 1-10 and 12-22, you will knit the first and last stitches and (sl1, yo, K2tog) across the middle. Row 11 has two cables: K1, CF, (sl1, yo, K2tog) four times, CF, K1. Row 23 has one cable: K1 (sl1, yo, K2tog) four times, CF, (sl1, yo, K2tog) four times, K1. You repeat rows 1-23 to create the pattern.

Do the cable front (CF) like this: slip 6 stitches (yarn overs do count as a stitch) on the cable needle and hold in front, (sl1, yo, K2tog) twice from left needle, then put the six stitches you slipped onto the cable needle back on the left needle and (sl1, yo, K2tog) twice. You could just finish the CF from the cable needle, but it is much easier to do when you slip it back onto the needle.

This pattern is fun to knit, although it can be tricky to cable--don't cable too tightly, especially the double cable on row 11! Slip stitches purlwise with yarn in front. The yarn over will cross over the slipped stitch--don't worry because you will knit the slipped stitch and the yarn over together in the next row.

For the green scarf, I used size 7 needles and four skeins (a little less than 400 yards) of Knit Picks Andean Silk in Lettuce, a soft worsted weight yarn.

For the purple scarf, I used size 7 needles, and 2 skeins (a little under 400 yards) of Naturally Caron Country yarn in Berry Frappe.

Brioche stitch is thick, warm, and soft. If you've never knitted brioche stitch, there is a great explanation on Cloudy Crochet.

Once you get the hang of it, brioche stitch has a nice rhythm to it: bring yarn under the right needle to the front and slip one stitch purl-wise, then bring yarn over the right needle to back (this is the yarn over) to knit 2 together. After you knit 2 together, you bring the yarn in front, slip a stitch, bring the yarn in back (or "yarn over") and knit 2 together. You are essentially winding the yarn around the right needle as you alternately slip 1 and then knit 2 together.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Free Yarn!

I won free yarn from Traveller's Yarn! Ingrid King writes the Traveller's Yarn blog and owns a Hong Kong-based undyed yarn store called Yarn Workshop. I love that she describes herself as an "escaped lawyer." I also love that she has free yarn giveaways!

It's two skeins of Painter's Pallette Premium Merino yarn from Koigu. The yarn is 100% merino, and each skein is 50 grams and 175 yards. I can't wait to knit up a pair of socks and post the photos here!

Thanks, Ingrid!