Friday, January 2, 2009

Race Report: RunLawrence Thanksgiving Day 5K

Thanksgiving morning, Ben and I ran a 5K sponsored by the local running club, RunLawrence. It was Ben's first ever 5K or timed road race, and he was great! The temperature hovered around freezing, so here we are warming up inside before the race.

It surprised me how many people came out for the race. Here's a shot of the starting line, and this was before everyone had lined up:

The course was mostly residential, with the last mile along the river levee. Here's an action shot of Ben, somewhere between the first and second mile markers, before we got to the levee:

The levee stretch at the end was a nice way to finish the race. The dirt and gravel is softer on your feet, and the mostly straight path lets you see the finish line early.

When we got near the end, Ben took off for the finish line. I was able to keep up, and even grab his hand for the finish line photo.

The best part? Ben said he might join me for another 5K or a 10K in the spring! Hooray!

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