Sunday, April 20, 2008

Reversible Cable Scarf

As a birthday gift to myself, I made a soft reversible cable scarf out of Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande yarn. I bought this luxurious yarn from Charlotte Yarn, and it took me several months to find an appropriate pattern.

The cables would stand out more with a different yarn--maybe a basic worsted weight wool or a chunky yarn that has tighter strands. But this subtle lattice-like look is just what I wanted for the soft alpaca. It has enough texture to be interesting, but not enough to take away from the yarn itself.

I used size 10.5 bamboo needles, approximately two and a half skeins or 250 yards (I'm tall--two skeins or 200 yards would do for someone shorter), and followed this pattern: Ruthie Nussbaum's Reversible Cable Scarf. I usually only knit while watching American Idol or on weekends, and this project took me approximately three weeks to finish.

Several other knitting projects are in the works (hint to family and friends: you may receive a scarf for Christmas!), but I am waiting to post pictures and patterns until they reach their intended recipients.

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